The only thing I knew about Prince Edward Island before deciding to go there was that Malpeque Oyster’s were very desirable. Being a West Coast Oyster man myself, that didn’t mean much to me. Nonetheless, that’s all I knew.

But DAMN. Prince Edward Island is easily one of the most beautiful heavenly places I have ever visited. It is literally endless vistas, rolling hills, epic shores, manicured farmland, and again, super nice Canadians. We started off in Charlottetown and dined at the Gahan House, the local brewer’s restaurant.

After exploring the charming city, we hit up Prince Edward Island National Park, which was literally miles of pristine beaches with little forests and sand dunes. Apart from a few designated swimming areas you could explore the beach and feel like you were in Interstellar or something.

The other thing about Prince Edward Island is the food game is on point. Since they produce so much of their own food, there is an abundance of dining options. Highlights are obviously seafood, but also the dairy! Best Gouda of my life, followed by Gouda Pizza!

Every stop along the way has been incredible, and in their own way. Prince Edward Island takes the cake for being the most official hidden gem.