When Kristin and I began talking about some sort of extended traveling, we had many options. Costa Rica, West Coast, living in Granada, and the list goes on. In all of these places there was always one simple core desire: to commune with Nature.  

Three weeks, and half way through our road trip, we finally pierced through the layers of commotion in our hearts and minds, and found the fountain of infinite inspiration within ourselves at Acadia National Park.

Environments pull forth ways of being. The mixture of the physical aspects, the people, the energies, all combine to have us be certain ways. In New York City, people tend to be a certain way, in California another, and so on. For many, when we are with our friends we are one way, with our families another, and co workers even another. We show up how we think we should, and how we think we should show up is many times dependent on how others and the  environment want or expect us to show up. This makes transforming ourselves seem challenging, because we are often unaware of these forces.

In exploring oneself and the world, one can find which environments truly bring out their best natures. For myself, I am my best when I am able to meditate, be physically active, and be with nature. In New York it was hard to be that ultimate version of myself. So I took extreme action, backing out of an extremely lucrative career, in search of something more valuable.

Spending a week on the majestic Mt. Desert Island has affirmed what I have known for a long time.  Sometime it takes immense courage, and stepping completely into the shadows of the unknown, to know yourself deeper. Spending time here, I have found what I was looking for. Which I knew was always inside of me, but needed a new environment to help pull it out.

Now we have three more weeks to play in Canada before I am off to a long awaited return to Burning Man, and then a lifetime of constant exploration!