New Hampshire. Live Free or Die!

Live Free or Die!

That is literally the motto of New Hampshire. And I love it. Being on a two-month road trip, I think that I have taken on the New Hampshire gumption for not giving any F’s.

That being said, New Hampshire is also extremely peaceful. We planned to spend a few days in the White Mountain National Forest, but ended up staying a week. The air and water were clean, and everyone was in a good mood.  White Mountain is a big ski area for New Englander’s, and the town of North Conway was full of vacationing families. It was still charming, because the vibes are very chill, and ski towns are cool in the summer.

Highlights were the swimming holes. Nothing like clean mountain water to refresh after a long a hike. Camping was ill too,  at Russel Pond up in the mountains.

Lastly, we saw (not pictured) a bear, moose, and heard the wolves howling.