The Cape

Shooting the Sunset from Rocky Harbor

Shooting the Sunset from Rocky Harbor

Going with the flow.

It's real easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of our ambitions and desires. And before you know it, you're forcing things rather than allowing, creating resistance through your efforts rather than making progress.

I've decided to spend the next few months traveling, so that I can get back in the "flow".  First stop was Cape Cod.

We spent the first two nights camping in Nickerson State Park, which I highly recommend if camping on the Cape. That being said, they mismanaged our camp site and we had to pack up a day early. Instead of moving to another site, we figured something would reveal itself. Of course, as as fate would have it, we had dear friends staying in Wellfleet, and they invited us over to chill. We set out to be rugged and do camping, but the flow led us into the loving hands of our tribe in a luxurious setting. 

We ended up crashing for three nights and made some new lifelong friends from all over the world. It was a magical three days that allowed us to integrate into living out of our pick-up truck with grace, and gave us the opportunity to ground ourselves in the daily practices we want to reinforce while on this trip.

We did a lot of bike riding, swam in majestic ponds, ooo'ed and ah'ed the sunsets, meditated, crushed some lobster, yoga'ed, got devoured by all sorts of biting creatures, ate and drank merrily, ran into a coyote, and took a lot of photos. We checked out Provincetown, which is full of art and characters, and traversed the ocean floor as the low tide exposed miles of beach. Splinter had the time of his life too.

Funny story about P-Town: First time I went to Cape Cod was when I was hired for a production shoot. I was called and asked to shoot "Bears". They mentioned whale watching too, so I thought I would be bolstering my reel with some wild life footage. Sick, no?

Turns out there are no Bears in Cape Cod (duh)... except for the very large, very hairy, and very gay men who call themselves Bears. In fact, I was hired to shoot Bear week, which is essentially Bear Spring Break. Needless to say, for a 20 year old from Queens, it was an uncomfortable culture shock if there ever was. You see, they called me a "cub" because I was a smaller hairy man, and "cubs" are very desirable to Bears... 

So after a few days of resisting, and wishing I was 200 pounds bigger to fight these Bears, I got over my homophobia, and learned that being objectified feels terrible.

Anyways, Provincetown is amazing and I always wanted to go back. It just so happened to be Bear week again! 10 years later, I'm back, and it's nice to see how far I've come, and to see how much more growth I have yet to do. 

All that aside, enjoy the photos and leave some comments :-)