It was good to be back at Symbiosis. The festival has grown incredibly since the Eclipse at Pyramid Lake in 2012. It's now a world-class production, and the heads running the show deserve a lot of props. They've managed to capture the essence of community that makes Burning Man so special, but in their own authentic way. I can't wait to see where they take it next year for the Global Eclipse Gathering.

I was fortunate to be on the media team and learned a lot about shooting events.  Shout out to Alexa Rae for giving me the chance to be on the team! There was so much to capture, with all the art, the stages, the beautiful people dressed in all the crazy outfits, and of course the scenery. After over 2000 exposures, and truthfully, I felt like I could have gotten a lot better shots. Crazy, huh?!

But that's what experience is all about. There are guys out there that do this for a living, and I respect them more than ever after this. You have to be on your A game and not sucked into the actual enjoying of the festival, and find the balance that works for you. I definitely made plenty of rookie mistakes, but being a photographer at the festival allowed me to connect with people in a new and more exciting way.  In the end, I am just eternally grateful for the opportunity!  

Enjoy the shots, there are quite a few... Bluebyrds and Sweaty Betty's were reppin' hard out there.